Monday, January 28, 2008


So, I was just reading over that last post and quite a bit has changed, and I didn't want to leave my imaginary friends kept hanging.



Broke my nose again. Once in December after caroling on Meg's head as we rolled down the hill behind/ in front of the cafeteria; again this month, with somebody's elbow as I was backspotting in gymnastics.

Remained single for the entire first schoolyear... That's my goal, at least.

Made new friends and all that jazz.


Meg left? To Indiana Academy. And cut her hair.

I might be a bridesmaid in Dean Kristy's wedding.

I fully realized how much of a weenie I am.


Sick at the moment, so I really can't think too hard on it.
Whatever, it's not like I won't remember years from now.