Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Seriously, wow.

So much has happened since the beginning of school...

Okay, RA camp/ freshman orientation. Met the new dean (Arnesia), was lost and consequently found, memorized all of the freshman girls & made friendly with them, got hit on three times in one day (all freshman guys, by the way)... Et cetera.

Then school started.

So, breakfast is in the dorms this year. That's awesome :D Anywho. I start class at 7:30 am, and depending on the day I get out at either 4:30 or 3 pm (mondays/wednesdays and tuesday/thursdays, repectively). I was working at the Laurels (nursing home nearby) for a bit, but I hate that kind of place so not so anymore. At least I know that I don't have TB... Anywho, soon my free time will be spent in the cafe or some other random campus job, then I'll have gymnastics and then RAing (I have two jobs because we're paying barely anything for tuition cuz we're poor).

So, I'm pretty busy.

But it's pretty fun, too. Being a senior in itself is an advantage. All the staff members know you and love you and let you do things (that aren't blatantly against the rules)~♥

Like Katie, Jessica, Kristy & I can go out to eat. And we do :D We went to Bob Evans one day.

Seniors won Trash Night! Whoo!

Oh! Senior Survival!

It was awesome♥
I had cornrows! Someone took pictures. I don't know where they went, but they're out there somewhere. Alex, Will, and Jeff shaved their heads. Not bald, just buzzcuts. It's not that bad, just takes some getting used to.

(These were taken at Field Day & Lake Day, respectively)

Senior bonding, surviving in the wilderness, et cetera. Great time.

As soon as we got back from Senior Survival, we had Field Day & Lake Day back to back. We didn't win Field Day, but we won the tug-of-war at Lake Day (which we've never won before), and then it didn't count for class points. I wanted to punch somebody. I still do. Mr. Soper is a jet ski beast. Totally best time of my life. Some of us made a sand sea turtle :D

Then Jeff's birthday party... !
Our group, sans Ricky cuz he was camping, (Jeff, Alex, Will, Lance, Jess, Katie, Kristy, Amanda and I) went bowling, then out for ice cream. Now, this may sound innocent and unassuming, but nothing is EVER innocent in our group. Jeff's parents were there, which didn't harness our awesomeness at all because they encourage things like that. His mom went out and bought us all foam visor party hat things and cute little pinwheels. All the girls did a dance for him when we discovered that the jukebox had a song called, "The Stripper." That was interesting. Then we made a bunch of awesome inside jokes at Friendlys ("You just got served!", "You just got soddy balled!" etc.)

Umm... Other things that are cool...

Definitely Anatomy and Physiology. We have 7 people in the entire class, and we're all girls. We were going through the chapter about cells & all that jazz, and we were looking at a diagram for a sodium pump, and Mrs C bursts out into song. "Nananana, nananana, hey hey hey, goodbye~". You know, since sodium is Na? Bri was so embarassed. Everyone laughed~♥

Um, there's probably more, but I'm tired.