Monday, June 30, 2008

My Dear,

I just don't give a damn.

I don't know if those are the exact words, but if they are, I don't want to plagiarize, sooo... copyright Gone with the Wind etc.


The point is, I've been stressing out and really it's all in my head. So I'm saying to myself, "Hey. I don't give a pile of poo as to where I hang my hat! Because 1) I have no hats and 2) it's not like I'm an orphan or anything.

I saw like, a minute of The Eye last night. And if you weren't aware (if you even care), I hate scary movies. So I had a nightmare.
I mean, it was a perfectly fine dream until my sister (in the dream) pointed out a burning building, so I ran inside to see if anyone was still there and I saw this lady with her kid and I tried to talk to them but they vanished into smoke (there was even creepy music!) and a lady came out of the door and she was like, "Go warn the others. Tell them there is a fire." I thought she was alive until her face started to turn greenish and crispy, then I realized not so much. By this time, everyone was still completely oblivious and all the people there were living in the building connected so I was like, "CALL 911! FIRE! CALL AN AMBULANCE! FIRE, YOU IDIOTS!" but my voice wasn't loud enough to I had to run around telling everyone. Then everyone got out and was like, "Dude, why didn't you tell us sooner?" and they were complaining so I was like, "HEY!" and basically laid it out on them about how stupid they are and how awesome I was. Then these two guys were like, "Hey. We like that you got angry. We might make you an honorary black person! (they were black, obviously). Then everyone started walking up these stairs, and suddenly there were these lights/ lamps and I was like, "Where's my sister?!" because they were "spirit lights" and I told her so and she had to help me walk. I was hoping they were like, friendly light because I stopped other people from dying but after the creepy music started and I started to see angry scary things I just covered my eyes and let her lead me.

Some stuff happened after that, but I don't really remember.

Moving on.

We're going to Pennsic.
I had lunch at Panera with Sieanna and Aaren (not at the same time) and dinner at Boston Market with Chella, Andrew, Brit, Amy & Josh.
I saw Wall E with the family.


That's about it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Is it a condition?

I have serious empathy problems. Not as bad as the person in a book I read where if she saw someone get punched she'd feel it and fall back, but almost.

So, I'm a totally geek and caught up on the Naruto chapters. I know that nobody reads this so I'm going to vent my emotions here.


I mean, really. Almost all at once, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. Half of Akatsuki dies, then Itachi dies and we find out he's actually a good guy (kinda) and Sasuke's like, "RAWR Must destry leaf!" and Jiraiya dies and everyone's like, "Why the hell would you write code on a toad's back AS YOU'RE DYING?" and there's general ANGST everywhere.

Okay, I'm done.

So, new and exciting things.

Worked up at the school cafeteria for campmeeting, saw people had fun redhead ex still has weird sway.

Kristy's (assistant dean) wedding- I was a bridesmaid. Eventful, fun, very tiring.

Kinda moved out. Halfway. Sort of.

We have a new kitten. His name is... Dan. I want to call him Ninja Dan, but noone else will accept it. Oh well.

Mark has a girlfriend that I found out about when I saw her at his graduation party. She looks like Tina Rudy... AND He might not come to Pennsic. That leaves me in the center of a hormonal hurricane unprotected. I'm pretty scared.

Ummmmmmm... I've been hanging out with people. Yay! Saw KungFu Panda with Chel; went to Boston Market w/ Josh&Amy, Chel, Brit, and Andrew; walked to Panera with Aaren. Tomorrow/Today (it's late, isn't it?) I'm going to see WALL-E.
Pretty geeked about it, not going to lie.

Chel thinks I'm the bees knees now cuz we were on our way back from Kung Fu Panda and that pocketful of sunshine song came on and she was like, "Why don't I have a pocketful of sunshine?" and I said, "Because you'd burn yourself. And probably blind people." Apprently it was funnier because I was totally serious and said it in the tone of voice that was dripping with that, "Duh, Chelsea. It's totally common sense," kinda thing.
I'm glad I brightened someone's day. (get it? sunshine, brightened...? oh, whatever)

Which reminds me (for some reason)...

I've got that song by Katy Perry stuck in my head. "I kissed a girl and I liked it..."

It's late.

I should probably go to be now. . .