Saturday, July 25, 2009

Monsoon season in Ohio.

So my father is being a whiny child, and it's really driving me up the wall. I mean, goodness man, pull yourself together and act like an adult.


Meg & Lance and I have this HUGE thread/ message thing going on on Facebook, & it's basically making my day. Lance got attacked by a stapler & Meg overheard this hilarious conversation at a restaurant (tapioca= "pudding with balls in it").

And I had the best dream EVER.
It's kinda faded a bit, but I remember that I was sad so I looked out the window & there was a rainbow blowing in the wind! (it was made out of cloth, not water & light or whatever). So I somehow knew that Jesus was on my roof (rainbow=God's promise?) and I went up there & the rainbow was the train of this lady's dress that was standing with him, & we were all really happy to see one another & then we FLEW up into the air, and I think I may have been the lady or just wasn't me anymore because I was seeing everything from over her shoulder. Then I just kinda knew that the lady was the Bride (she even had on a pretty white wedding dress) and that we were going home.
I seriously woke up almost laughing :D

which is a super improvement from some of the nightmares that I've experienced.
Apparently, I had "night terrors" when I was a kid. I only remember a few really bad nightmares, but my mother told me that I would wake up almost every night screaming and crying.
I was like, "Geez, what kind of trauma would I have experienced at that age that I had night terrors?" I mean, really?



I get almost all of my music by checking CDs out of the library, and I've been waiting for one of the Fleet Foxes albums for AGES! Really, I think I'm #100 something on the list. It's CRAZY, and I just want to listen to it! Augh!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bother this Brain!

Bother it to the bottom of the briny ocean!
Or something. I don't know.

Recently, I've discovered that I have a knack for alliteration. Combine that with an aversion to cussing, and you get things like this-
"You barbaric baboon!"
"Curses, cuspids, and catastrophic calamity!"
"Obstreperous orangutans!"

In other news.
Ohio has decided to have a sort of monsoon season interlude where I am. According to my theory, this is entirely due to the fact that I had planned on taking Michael to the park, and was bragging to Meg and Lance about how sunny and beautiful it was. Now I live in a swamp, and I guess that I deserve it.

And I've run out of things to occupy my brain, so I started thinking again. Dangerous, I know. Didn't want to strain myself too hard and start a fire or anything like that. ANYWAYS. I've realized that I've kind of let myself become one of those girls who is totally and absolutely obsessed with guys. This isn't exactly one of the best times to come to this sort of realization, seeing as how we leave for Pennsic in approximately two days... And most everybody doesn't know what that means.

In some positive other news-
after Pennsic, I may be joining my dear friend Amy in spending a few days at her aunt's house, helping her house-sitting. This is basically AWESOME, because Amy's aunt is quite wealthy as has a pool, video game equipment galore, and I'm guessing a few things that my commoner brain cannot even imagine in such haste.

And I beat Michael at Go Fish, which evens out the 10 point difference win that he beat me with in Rummy. Yay ♥

I took my mother's Zolpidem (ambien?) because I couldn't sleep, AND WOAH. I'm NEVER TAKING IT AGAIN.
I went like, clinically INSANE there, and it was terrifying because I had to really fight for a lucid moment, and all I could think during those moments were things like, "Crap, crap, crap, crap crap! Never taking that stupid thing again!"
And I'm definitely NOT.
I told my mom about it, and she couldn't stop laughing.
Thanks, mother.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dress Love

I'm in love ♥

This is why I can't wait to have an independent source of income.

Mistake Journal

My latest and greatest idea- record mistakes so that they don't happen again.

For instance- don't take Zolpidem and continue to surf the internet.

Last night I went and saw Half Blood Prince with my old friend DJ. He kept talking! Grrr! But it was great to see him after so long, and awesome to get out of the house and do something. And then we stopped at Barnes & Noble & went to Waffle House. I love breakfast, all times of day (especially when it's not really morning).

I'm listening to a song from the Slumdog soundtrack, and I have no idea what they're saying. It sounds a lot like, "OH NO, HECK YA!"
But I might be mistaken.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Back to real life, now.

How amazing was that? I was considering just abandoning this blog and letting that post stay up forEVER.

But I'm too bored.


Lance, Meg and I are going to New Zealand at some point in our lives. And mostly for the same reasons- the scenery. Both the stationary kind and the hot kind :D We're so cool.

And I still don't have a scanner.
Or a camera.
or a job.


Friday, July 3, 2009

PS- ohmigoodness






About that.

Now that I've decided to let go of angsty teenage love and move on with life, I'm really bored.

Like, REALLY bored.

I baked cookies around midnight. It's because I finally got some tea light candles to use in my oil-warmer thingy, and now my room smells like vanilla & almonds and it just smelled so delicious that I HAD to bake cookies or else starve in my room.

Aaaand... Our living room/ dining room/ sewing room looks as if a fabric store left a messy little present on the rug. Which is what basically happened. The family is trying to get ready for Pennsic, and mother is in a tizzy making us clothing to wear and Michael, I guess, doesn't have nearly enough tea-tunics, which is almost the end of the world, apparently. I think one piece of fabric that I ironed could clothe a whale. A very trim whale, but it was really a ridiculous amount of fabric to be ironing.

An old friend (Jade) stopped by yesterday, and it was a super-fun few minutes. I showed her graduation pictures & we tried to figure out a certain person's sexual preference, which was pretty hilarious in and of itself. Then we sang along to Regina Spektor, and her mother called and asked where she was & she had to leave.

Other than that... Well, Lance should be coming back from Walla Walla this month, and when he does we're going out for a night on the town. I believe it'll be him & me & Ricky, and maybe Sami. Apparently there's this amazing Italian restaurant that I simply MUST try. We'll see, but I'm sure it will be fun.

And now that I have nothing to write poems about... I'm really considering that weird style that sounds cool but doesn't make any sense. I've always loved reading it, but whenever I imagine myself writing it, I just feel like an idiot. I mean, really.