Friday, July 3, 2009

About that.

Now that I've decided to let go of angsty teenage love and move on with life, I'm really bored.

Like, REALLY bored.

I baked cookies around midnight. It's because I finally got some tea light candles to use in my oil-warmer thingy, and now my room smells like vanilla & almonds and it just smelled so delicious that I HAD to bake cookies or else starve in my room.

Aaaand... Our living room/ dining room/ sewing room looks as if a fabric store left a messy little present on the rug. Which is what basically happened. The family is trying to get ready for Pennsic, and mother is in a tizzy making us clothing to wear and Michael, I guess, doesn't have nearly enough tea-tunics, which is almost the end of the world, apparently. I think one piece of fabric that I ironed could clothe a whale. A very trim whale, but it was really a ridiculous amount of fabric to be ironing.

An old friend (Jade) stopped by yesterday, and it was a super-fun few minutes. I showed her graduation pictures & we tried to figure out a certain person's sexual preference, which was pretty hilarious in and of itself. Then we sang along to Regina Spektor, and her mother called and asked where she was & she had to leave.

Other than that... Well, Lance should be coming back from Walla Walla this month, and when he does we're going out for a night on the town. I believe it'll be him & me & Ricky, and maybe Sami. Apparently there's this amazing Italian restaurant that I simply MUST try. We'll see, but I'm sure it will be fun.

And now that I have nothing to write poems about... I'm really considering that weird style that sounds cool but doesn't make any sense. I've always loved reading it, but whenever I imagine myself writing it, I just feel like an idiot. I mean, really.

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