Sunday, June 28, 2009

Terrible, tempestual, and totally ignorable.

So, house party was Saturday. I guess my parents have finally decided to pull their heads out of their bottoms and get it together so we can go to Pennsic, like they've been promising since we missed it last year. Good for them. Anyways, their decision isn't really what's bothering me.
So- the house party.
Marco Polo and I were the only mentionable near-adults there. Becca and Vicki, my SCA partners in crime, were absent and I was left with Testicles, a fully functioning hoard of annoyances, and Jessie (who isn't that bad, but she wasn't on my side so it hardly helped). Marcus Aurelius still has, to my knowledge, a girlfriend. So why, I wondered, was he acting like he didn't? On that note, why was I acting like he didn't? I mean, I thought that I was at least semi-mature and able to control a few hormones here and there, but for GOODNESS SAKE I believe I was laying on him, at one point!
And if that doesn't beat all, JESSIE (the only bearable person there) decides that it is the right moment to suggest that Marc Antony and I would make SUCH a cute couple, and it was all I could do not to drag her out of the room and shake some sense into her. Which is mostly a lie, because even if I wanted to I never act on crazy impulses like that. Impulses that involve, for example, actually telling someone how I feel are also ignored.
Which is why I am stuck here venting about some stupid boy, and it is entirely my fault.
I kind of feel sorry for his girlfriend, for ending up with a man who is (I have observed) a veritable chick magnet and (I have experienced) on the edge of infidelity. I'm probably not even the only one to experience it, and he might have even crossed the line with some girl, somewhere.

I need to find a man to get my mind off THIS man so that I may carry on with life.


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