Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So what do you suggest?

I believe that deep, deep dowm...
I don't even know.
It's like somebody's having a party in my torso, and I wasn't invited.
That actually pretty well sums it up.

In other news...
My brother and I were watching this awesome thing on the History channel about COMICS. It's so sunshine. Which reminds me...

Everyone should replace the word that they usually use to acknowledge greatness with "SUNSHINE". I mean, if it fits. Because I can't exactly say, "I love the night! It's so sunshine." Well, I could, but anyways.

And I need to call Panera about my application, and I need to call OSU about signing up for classes, and I need to call some of my friends because the only people I've seen in the past week have been at drivers ed, and I need to go make dinner.

I just want to finish reading my boooooook.

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