Sunday, December 30, 2012

obligatory new years post

I keep thinking that one of these days I'll wake up with at least one aspect of my future outlined in my mind in perfect clarity, but it hasn't happened yet and I doubt it ever will. Instead I'm just going to have to muddle along and figure things out on the way, which hasn't killed me yet.
Life makes me tired sometimes. But then I climb a hill and look around and all those things I was worrying about in bed the night before are so erased from my memory that I can't remember anything except how great the world is. I had one of those moments about half an hour ago, looking out my window and watching the snowy world outside. I love winter, but mostly I love snow.
In other news,
I am still waffling between culinary and counseling. The pros and cons are pretty even in my book, which makes this difficult. In the end I think the major choice will be between emotional exhaustion or physical exhaustion. Who evens knows. I certainly don't.
 On top of that, I've been struggling with a few personal things. As a side note, I never really understood "personal things", because isn't everything personal? But I guess in my case "personal things" applies to interpersonal things, so allow me to ammend my statement- I've been struggling with interpersonal things.
Something cool that happened this month-
Nick was in need of friends forever and I volunteered, so we shook on it and now we are officially going to be friends forever. Everyone knows that handshakes are a super-official adult thing that you can do to cement friendships.
Also I got to see a couple of friends. Man I miss my friends! So it was nice to hang out. But I would like to say that if we are friends and you go sledding without me, I will be supremely disappointed.

I've returned from my familial festivites and I am currently enjoying the solitude of my own apartment. Man I love this apartment. I'll be sad when I have to leave, but I'm sure that my next adventure will have its own plus sides.

(PS/ in conclusion-
this post had nothing to do with the New Year, because I think it is mostly a bunch of baloney and if I really wanted to change myself I don't have to use the next calendar year as motivation. That being said, I usually rely on Sundays or the first day of the next month, both of which come around more often than the next year. So. There is that.)