Monday, March 30, 2009


So Allison found Echoliers on myspace and they have "His Voice" up and I basically almost had a joyspasm on the spot right there because I LOVE IT. And "It's Me O Lord" is there too! I'm going to listen to it FOREVER.

Moving on.

Just got back today from Virginia Beach with Mother, Sieanna, and Amy.
Amy was funny most of the time and completely intolerable the rest. I feel sorry for Sieanna and Mother, who aren't used to putting up with her silliness. It might have been worse because both she and Sieanna were PMSing, sooooo...

But it was SO MUCH FUN. We got up really early (3am) Friday, got there around 5 or 6 pm, walked around and went to bed. Saturday we walked a ridiculous amount, rented a bicycle cart thing (surrey?), took hilarious pictures with random landmarks, and had sushi for dinner. We tried to lay out some earlier in the day, but then this mist fog thing came and ate everything. We watched a whole bunch of movies, too. Sunday we walked (I know, right?), and we would've laid out but it was really windy and we might've been buried in a dune. Instead we flew a kite and had ice cream. Today we got up early again, and now we're here. Ta-dah!

It was fun...

I'm going to miss the sound of the ocean tonight, I can feel it.