Thursday, June 11, 2009

The old man is snoring...

It's dumping buckets out here, but not in the bad way. This is the good rain that makes things smell nice and takes the humidity level down a notch of two afterwards (hopefully).

And I stand slightly corrected; my old man is puttering around the house cleaning things. Not snoring. Which is odd, because it is usually his nap time right around now.

In other news, I have discovered something else about myself.

I am scared of people.

To be more precise, I am afraid of people that I don't know, especially when I'm by myself. This makes it especially terrifying in situations when I have to meet new people. Suddenly I freeze up or try my best not to make their acquaintance. I had a portion of my dream dedicated to that, actually. I was wandering around in a foreign country with a group of friends, and somehow ended up lost in an unfamiliar high school. I was just a little under hysterical, which is when I start to giggle weirdly.
The dream got a little better from there, fortunately for me.


So, I got a letter from one of the freshman girls that I RA'ed 1st semester. It was really random, but I appreciated it and just recently wrote back. I would have thrived in the way of communication back in the olden days. I love letters. I love receiving them and sending them and keeping them tied in a bundle, which I would do but I don't get them very often and really it's something you do for love letters and such, which I have none of among the letters that I have received.

I cleaned today?

There is a bonfire tonight with Allison's youth group thing, and I'm going to attend to try to cure myself of this people-fearing sickness.

I'm bringing a book just in case.

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alia said...

weird, i don't think i've ever visited this one... why do you have two? i feel the need to comment because the last few weeks i have also come to the realization that i'm scared of people. seriously, i wrote in my journal 6/1, "i'm TERRIFIED of people."

and also, i wish communication was like it was back then too. i love letters. and no matter how much we progress technologically, i'll always keep my best and most meaningful thoughts on paper. or at least i try to make it that way. i'll totally write you letters, and you can write me if you want =) lol