Saturday, July 25, 2009

Monsoon season in Ohio.

So my father is being a whiny child, and it's really driving me up the wall. I mean, goodness man, pull yourself together and act like an adult.


Meg & Lance and I have this HUGE thread/ message thing going on on Facebook, & it's basically making my day. Lance got attacked by a stapler & Meg overheard this hilarious conversation at a restaurant (tapioca= "pudding with balls in it").

And I had the best dream EVER.
It's kinda faded a bit, but I remember that I was sad so I looked out the window & there was a rainbow blowing in the wind! (it was made out of cloth, not water & light or whatever). So I somehow knew that Jesus was on my roof (rainbow=God's promise?) and I went up there & the rainbow was the train of this lady's dress that was standing with him, & we were all really happy to see one another & then we FLEW up into the air, and I think I may have been the lady or just wasn't me anymore because I was seeing everything from over her shoulder. Then I just kinda knew that the lady was the Bride (she even had on a pretty white wedding dress) and that we were going home.
I seriously woke up almost laughing :D

which is a super improvement from some of the nightmares that I've experienced.
Apparently, I had "night terrors" when I was a kid. I only remember a few really bad nightmares, but my mother told me that I would wake up almost every night screaming and crying.
I was like, "Geez, what kind of trauma would I have experienced at that age that I had night terrors?" I mean, really?



I get almost all of my music by checking CDs out of the library, and I've been waiting for one of the Fleet Foxes albums for AGES! Really, I think I'm #100 something on the list. It's CRAZY, and I just want to listen to it! Augh!

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