Monday, August 10, 2009

Back from Gloriousness

I love Pennsic, because so much amazing things happen to me there.

I worked at a merchant shop across the way, and my bosses were awesome.

There was always music somewhere. There was a hammer dulcimer guy that would set up and play randomly (along with his asstisant dancer lady), a lady playing a hurdy gurdy (with a baby strapped to her back!), sometimes bagpipes, guitars/lutes/ whatevers, bards (aka singers), some strange sounding instrument that I don't know the name of, and almost all the time there were dumbeks (a sort of drum). Wherever we went, there was music.

The violin and guitar-looking-thing part of a middle eastern jam session, which also included a clarinet, an accordion thing, and a ridiculous amount of drums.

The hammer dulcimer guy, looking quite chipper.

Hurdy gurdy lady! She opened it up and showed me how it works. Yay!

And performers!
They all came out during Midnight Madness, which is a sort of sale day that lasts until midnight. Anyways. Clan Tinker is so awesome ♥
I basically chilled with Mark, Melanie, Miles, Mickey, & Jess when I wasn't working (I know, right? So many M's!). Melanie & I have decided that we're twins, and not in a civil union (we had to decided between the two, because we couldn't do both ;_; ) We mostly played cards games, like Rummy or Egyption Rat Screw or Oh Hell (also known as Oh Shit, apparently) and also FLUXX (which Miles brought, of course) which was awesome, and Pente (which both Miles and Mark brought).

Jess (even though you can't see her face)


(L to R) Me, Melanie, Miles, Mark

And of course there was the age old Holt Heroetes tradition of glowstick fireworks and Xena crepe night. The glowstick fireworks pictures didn't turn out, but I do have a picture of Xena and her assistant crepe-making chefs.

Xena wasn't out for very long, because it was VERY cold.

Like Iron Chef, except not.


It was a grand time for all.
♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥

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