Thursday, August 13, 2009


I seem to have a skill at making friends that tend to take care of me, in some way or another. It's an odd talent, but I feel it must be some sort of survival mechanism built into my DNA, seeing as how I'm so forgetful that I might have actually lost my mind by now if it wasn't securely attached to my spinal chord.

This interesting tidbit of information aside...

I was totally rocking out to jaded heartbreak music last night, and was doing fairly well at convincing myself that things even if things work out now there's no way I can prevent myself from getting hurt later, and isn't that the whole point of love (as Noah and the Whale would say, "now I look at love like being stabbed in the heart/ you torture each other from day to day, and then one day you part/ most of the time it's misery but there's some joy at the start/ and for that I'd say it's worth it, just use a blade that's short & sharp on me"), et cetera et cetera... Until Allison made me look up Owl City, and I mostly forgot all about that kind of thing and just rejoiced in the gloriousness of (as REM would say) "shiny happy people holding hands".

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"Fireflies" is my favorite, so far. The music video is super adorable, but youtube won't let me embed it sooooooo...

Today I was painfully reminded that I tend to get migraines whilst shopping. I took Mickey to the thrift store so that he owned more than one pair of shorts & nice button up shirts.


I am still an idiot when it comes to romance. Normally someone has to actually be rejected or dumped to have their heart broken, but I manage to do it all by myself with only quite a bit of cowardice and some handy-dandy reasoning.
(That's why I was listening to the unhappy love songs)

Another self discovery-
Melancholies have a tendency to over-think things, right? Well I only tend to be melancholy about things that have already happened, so I have a habit of not thinking about what's currently going on AT ALL. It's turning out to be a sort of crippling weakness, actually. Being mostly-phlegmatic and then having a melancholy attack about it later.

Life goes on ♥

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