Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ten! honest things.

Tagged by Alia! I was going to write a poem with the honest things, but it would've ended up being long and I feel as if I have too many poems about myself anyways.
You know, it's interesting that the word "tagged" has been taken from a kids' game & applied to this action, since it fits in a way and everything, but anyways. Right.

1- I have this weird way of either over thinking everything I say, or not thinking at all before I say something. There's no happy medium. So most of the time I end up looking either quiet/ shy, or a little ditsy/ weird.

2- I actually love cleaning. This was something I didn't even realize until I was listening happily to my ipod while scrubbing stairs with a toothbrush. MVA did strange things to me.

3- Whenever I say something mean, I feel really guilty about it; whether the person deserves it or not. So I end up never saying most of the mean things that I'm thinking.

4- Of my many weaknesses, my problems with motivation are the worst. It's not that I have a lack of motivation- I'm just motivated towards the wrong things. For example, cleaning the kitchen so I can bake cookies, as opposed to doing my homework so I can get good grades. Maybe it's more of a priority problem, actually.

5- I don't believe in soulmates. I believe that, in the capacity of a friend, there can be someone who seems like they're a part of you. But I think romance is a totally different field.

6- This might not sound totally believable, but I have a scientific mind. I enjoy knowing things; how things happen, for what purpose they happen, what causes them to happen... It's not that I'm distanced emotionally, it's just that I have to examine some emotions before I can admit to them.

7- With absolutely no exaggeration, I tell you that I am addicted to music. I tried to give it up once, for a few days: It nearly drove me crazy.

8- When I envision people in my head, they're smiling and laughing, almost always. Unless I REALLY dislike them.

9- Cookie dough tastes better to me than the actual cookies, most of the time.

10- Augh, I can't think of any more. Ummmmmmm... ? I'm terrified to fall in love.

WOW, that was harder than I thought it would be. Partly because most of the things I was going to put down could be inferred after spending 10 minutes with me.


Soogie said...

omgsh!! i think like number 8 too!!

soooo weird... >.<

alia said...

yes for 1, 4, 9, and 10. during spring break i seriously bought a roll of cookie dough and ate it entirely by myself. not all in one sitting, thank god, but still.