Monday, July 5, 2010

AC? What's that?

So this was supposed to be my sort of blog on the side, to help me vent or whatever, but I never really use it anymore.
For a while there I considered making it into a sort of... I don't know what the word is, but I'd put my sketches on here and then in the future I would come back and think, "Wow I was a horrible artist, did I really think that was good?" Or something like that.
Except somebody has taken the tablet pen and hidden it, so I'd probably have to scan things in and I hate our scanners- one of them blurs anything that isn't in the dead center and kind of makes things yellowish, the other one leeches out all the colors and bleaches everything. I mean, there's probably something I could do to fix that, but the point is-

I'm moving to Arizona the 1st of August.
It's going to be life-changing and I'll learn things and probably grown up a bit more and things will change. I don't know what exactly, but they will.

And I'm so excited about it.

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