Thursday, August 18, 2011


laskgrjhaldsufhgbkdskfoyetwiuyfklhdsvbjk, etc. On and on with the keyboard mashing, that is how my brain looks.
Not entirely in a bad way?
I mean, feelings. I have lots of them.

This isn't making any sense.

Um, let's see. Pennsic was great. I worked, chilled out, adventured, met some new people and just had fun in general.

I have quite a few pictures, but this one is in my top ten. Mostly just for the sign that says "St of Dreams". There was a street called "Good Intentions"! It's not in this picture, sadly, but I saw it! My friend and I were walking back to camp from a party, and I kinda got too excited when I saw it. "MELANIE LOOK THAT STREET IS CALLED GOOD INTENTIONS, OH MY GOSH MELANIE THAT'S HILARIOUS! HAHAHAAA GOOD INTENTIONS!" And she just sort of giggled to humor me. There was this group of people sitting around a campfire nearby and one of them said, "Yes, and this street is called Runestone Highway," and it was funny because the person said it in this tone of voice as if I were retarded and deaf and entirely out of my mind. Which I wasn't. Actually, it was a little annoying, but I kinda left myself open for that one, so it's also amusing.
There was a Tardis leading into one of the camps, and partial pirate ships and sunken castles, and yes. Everything was fantastic.
I find it so hard to describe Pennsic in a way that seems satisfactory to me, unless I can spend about half an hour just rambling on. Maybe an hour. So I'm just going to stop now.

(maybe I'll post some more videos and pictures later)


Other than that...

I possibly have the best brother EVER.

So I have this sort of emotion/ venting journal thing, and I kinda said that I wouldn't be angry if he read it, but he said that he didn't really want to but then I left it laying around. And laying around. And it just kinda sat on my floor for a while, until I finally had some idea of how I was going to properly illustrate my feelings about something, and then I opened it and a note fell out.
It was glorious.
Maybe it's strange that I'm not upset in any way that he read it, and then gave me feedback on it, except it wasn't really feedback so much as it was... Well. This is where I might lose some people. It was a note from a character in Homestuck. From Karkat, specifically.
It was written in pesterlog format- it started out saying "CG started trolling ?? at 9:38 pm", and then it was Karkat. "HEY. HEY HUMAN." and it went on from there, saying that I shouldn't feel bad because he (Karkat) has it so much worse. Except it was really sweet and just spot on, like if Karkat were trying to cheer me up it would look something like that. And then it ends with "LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE. AT LEAST YOU AREN'T ME." and it was just perfect.
I ran downstairs and gave him hugs and kisses and told him that I owed him forever, and he looked very embarassed and said something about "just trying to be a good brother," and it's something like this-
Good sibling, best brother.
Aaah, just thinking about it makes me warm and fuzzy.

Other than that...
I worked last night and I'll work again tonight and I'll probably work for a few nights in a row, and the next time I see my boss I'm going to talk to him about taking up his offer. You see, Eagles has some sort of business connection with Resch's Bakery, and he said that he could try to hook me up with a job there. I mean, I'd be happy just sweeping floors there or whatever, I'd probably get paid the same (yay minumum wage!), but at least I'd be in a bakery environment and it'd be cool to sort of get a feel for things.
So, yes.

Welp, can't think of much else to update this blog thing about. Pictures to come (a few of them have disappeared), soooo...

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alia said...

sounds like you've been having fun :) and hopefully the bakery thing works out. also, sometime eventually i should see you again. i have a job now (yay!), so i'm a retail slave most days. oh i took my mom, who stated clearly beforehand that she doesn't like frozen yogurt, to cuzzins and she loved it. hehe