Saturday, January 12, 2013


This past week? I forget what day. I had a dream that I saw Miss Sayhi, whose actualy name is Tsehainesh Djaleta. She was my supervisor while I worked in the cafeteria during high school, and I love her with a good portion of my heart. She doesn't work there anymore, which is sad because I never really got to tell her how much I love her.
So I'm having this dream, and I think there's some stuff going on to do with the SCA because we're wearing medieval clothes? And then she's there, and I'm so glad to see her! My body can't contain my joy, so I rush forward to hug her and she stops me. She looks happy to see me, but also upset- like she's got some internal dialogue going on that I can't hear. She says something along the lines of, "I wanted to see you, but not like this!" And she looks really sad for a moment and I remember that she was holding out her fist as a barrier and then she smiled and opened her arms and said, "Okay, come here!" and I hugged her and I almost started crying because I was so glad to see her and I didn't know what was going on!
That's all I remember from that dream, but that same night I dreamt that my mother was messing around and started joking around that she was going to kill me and she was getting pretty close when I yelled at her, "Get out of here!" and I actually yelled it and I woke up myself and the two other people in the room. I was partially scared, but mostly I was angry and fed up.

A little longer ago, last month? I had a dream that our van rolled off the side of a hill, all covered in snow. There was this moment where we were suspended, before we really started falling, and I shouted, "SEATBELTS!" and I helped someone put theirs on so by the time that we started rolling I still hadn't put mine on- I hooked my arm into their seatbelt and wrapped by leg around theirs, to hold on. We were rolling for a while- it was awful! Then the rolling slowed down and stopped, but we were still falling- we'd been falling so long we started to float up, weightless. I was about to make a joke about how we'd be falling forever when we hit the ground with a jolt- it was a relatively gentle jolt, considering that I was expecting to die. I tell my father to turn left, but he goes right & jerks the steering wheel out of my hands. Somehow I get separated from the car during that? Everyon else is at the top of this hill, but I am at the bottom. I start climbing up, and there's mud everywhere because the snow has started to melt, and for some reason I'm in an extended bra thing & that's it. So I'm muddy and climbing in my underthings, and I finally get to the top and mothers are pulling their children away from me and everything and I see someone who was in the car and I smile and we make a joke about it and then something happens?
Later on (later that night? a different night? I'm not sure) someone was supposed to be putting on this acrobatic swimming show, but they're injured or sick or unable to make it so suddenly I'm their replacement. I can't swim very well, but I tell them I'll try. I'm not really doing many tricks, but there's music playing and I just try to jump as far as I can out of the water at crucial moments, and I'm getting ridiculously far, and people are impressed. So I just keep doing that, and I do some little flips, and I dive to the bottom and push off of it to go even farther out of the water, and it's just really cool! At the end people are clapping for me, and I'm feeling pretty great about myself, and the announcer says something like, "Genevieve!" and under his breath, so that only I can hear him he says, "the moron," but it's okay because people are happy to see me and I did my best.

That's all I can remember off the top of my head.

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alia said...

dreams are so interesting! i miss miss sayhi :/
SO. i got your present in the mail, yay. but in my haste i realized i didn't include a note or anything, so i'm working on that.