Sunday, May 19, 2013

dance dance dance

This is a pretty apt description of the high-low dynamic of my emotions most of the time. "Man, I am really sad. Stop being sad, self! Maybe just a little bit.... Okay enough! Get up and DO SOMETHING!"

In other news-
Apartment finding, not really job-searching but definitely... procrastinating... on so many things, I am just in one of those procrastinating funks and I really need to pull myself out of it! ... Soon...
Also I took a photo of myself as reference for this, and my friend was going through my photos and found it, and then teased me about it. Cautionary tale to my future self, I guess- if you are going to take photos of yourself in your underwear, delete them when you're done.

 Not much else going on with me... Graduation for the school I work at is next weekend, so that will be AWESOME!! The staff members are just as excited as the students, it's great. In almost every conversation with other staff, at some point we say, "One week! One more week! We can make it!"
Good job, guys.

Also also,
"Having trouble telling how I feel, but I can dance dance dance!"

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alia said...

I forgot to ever comment on this, but I can relate. I'll be down for a while and then I'm like "must. do. something!" And it usually ends in me baking and making soup. Also this song helps my mood on a regular basis. As for the mirror of erised, that is a huge mystery to me or perhaps I'm afraid to really delve. Either way it saddens me that it doesn't actually exist. By the way, how's fletcher (sp?) ? My number is 614-981-3161 in case you need it. Since we're in different states again, we should put our pen pal hats on again. Haha... Or email or something. I deactivated my Facebook a couple months ago. But anyway hope you're doing well!