Thursday, August 2, 2007



Buncha Crunch... I really want chocolate right now.

That's right, I'm on major PMS unnaturally bitchy mode right now.
My family is usually on the receiving end, but I've occasionally take to small attempts to clean my room. All symptoms of bitchy-ness disappear around my friends. Like I said before- I just hate living with my family.

My dad especially is an asshole.

I'd just like to make that clear to anyone who reads this, since I've already told DJ (I did, didn't I?)

Right now, I'm fighting for my right to claim the second largest room, as eldest daughter and person in the family who has the most stress. The parents want to move into Mickey's room, which is the biggest room, which is unfair because he's the youngest with the least amount of junk. The only reason he has that room is because mom and dad f---ing coddle him. My take on this is that I can get the parents room, Allison can have my room (which is still being called Sieanna's room, ironically), and Mickey can have Al's room (which no longer bears the Pooh cast on its walls).
Of course, my parents see this as the most stupid idea ever. I mean, why would anyone listen to Genevieve?

Okay, I'll just stop now. I'm on a major mood swing right now, so I'll try to spare you the anger as much as possible.


I took out that annoying sewing table that my mom put in my room.

I started packing.

I worked out.

I punctured the wall a few times.
Then spackled the holes before anyone noticed.

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