Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm such an idiot.

Really, a huge idiot.

Actually, I dealt with it pretty well. I could've done better and just avoided the whole situation entirely, but it was a little late for that.
So. Here's the story-

A friend lives in Mount Vernon, so she suggests that I stay at her house until the 15 & then she can take me to school. So, I go with her yesterday, and then it all comes crashing down. Suddenly I find out that she smokes (ciggarettes & on some occasions marijuana), drinks, et cetera. She takes one of her friends to pick up a bag (1/8 pound?) of mj, then they go & buy some more for another friend. Then they pick up some home-made two liter bong thing & we go to her house & she makes jello shots & they get high & have some beer and...

I didn't get high, but I tried a jello shot.
It tasted disgusting (apparently, she used whiskey), so that was it for me, but still. I feel guilty for having gotten into that whole thing at all.


So, I'm pretty sure I'm going out with Mark now.
Did I say I was going to swear off boys? I obviously meant guys other than Mark

So, that's pretty cool. And I made new friends! Like Keith, Morgan, & Melanie. The group of people I hung out with the whoe time was basically Mark, Miles, Melanie, Morgan, Keith, and sometimes Nate... too many 'M's! Anyways, we had a blast playing with glowsticks, watching for shooting stars, playing cards, and sleeping~♥.

Tonight, I'm thinking either a movie or a party.

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