Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hell and Hand grenades

Well this sucks.


Kinda moved in with my bff Jill Amy.

Maybe most likely not going to MVA this year.
Attending the overcrowded, dangerous, and decidedly terrifying public high school.

Not going to Pennsic, which would have been my last self esteem boost /slash/ chance to have a summer fling before school starts.

Applied for a job.
No word back yet.

My mom lied to me about talking to the financial person at MVA. Which means she didn't even try to see if I can still go to MVA.
I need to talk to her...

and my father, because he's still ridiculously in denial.

I'm going to have to talk to Mark at some point in time, too. About his maybe-girlfriend, and me liking him, and how I think it wouldn't work if there was anything there but I want so much for something to be there...

Did I mention that my heart is breaking into tiny pieces?
That too.

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