Thursday, November 20, 2008


I'll have a senior year, no meat, to go please. Yes, I'll have some crappy administration on the side. Wild Times? I'm not sure. Okay, but just a size small... Already? Wow, I guess that's why they call it "to go"!


So, there was a sign on Mrs Daniels' door that was asking all the seniors to go give her information for their gown sizes.

We were pretty much freaking out about it, in a very low key way.
(Is that contradictory?)

In other news.

Did I mention that I'm campus bound, taking counseling, working in the cafeteria on weekends, and have my phone taken until January (minus homeleaves)?

Apparently, I'm becoming a wild child.

Will & Alex were suspended for 10 days and missed government trip for streaking naked down freshman hall. Jeff got an in school suspension for telling them NOT to streak down freshman hall.

Jessica and Kristy got a talking to and a letter sent home.

Everyone's been having a ridiculous amount of detentions.

Moving on.

Other than that, senior year = AWESOME.

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