Thursday, June 23, 2011


Interesting note- my ability to draw fluid motion increases after I take zolpidem. Hm.
Anyways, these are just some sketches. I've decided that I need to draw more men, to get my sketchbook at least a bit more balanced than it is.

In life news...


1) Having a job is great, but I'm not getting enough hours. I'm only working two shifts this week! I mean, I know that I'm a newbie and all that jazz, but still. So the job hunt resumes.
2) My family is killing me, in a number of (non-literal) ways. Except Michael- he is like an oasis of sanity and pleasant camaraderie. Thank God for my little brother.
3) I'm so tired. I'm not even doing anything, and that's the problem! I need to go out and do stuff, but... No car. This has been bothering me since I got home. I need a car! Need! Car! Ugh.
4) Every time I see a plane, my heart just aches. It's a mixture of, "Take me with you!" and something else.
4) Plus all the random "When did this happen?" moments that crop up.

other than that...


I don't know what happened, but I want you to know that it'll be okay! Go watch a sunrise/ sunset or something.

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Angel of Silence said...

Thanks Gen for that message, and trust me it helps. Im feeling better, but I have a ways to go before Im 100% but youre helping ^^. I do hope you get more hours, trust me, it sucks horribly not being able to work, and also a lack of trasportation, I know all of these problems first hand, but life picks up, at least thats what Im telling myself right now XD