Friday, January 6, 2012


thank you Sab & Meg for being such wonderful hosts [& people], it was so great that I can't even remember in what order we did things.
Mostly I just want to live at the City Museum and get a metro pass or whatever so I can eat delicious food and drink great tea all the time, that would be the best course of action, yes.
My feelings are just a giant keyboard smash of warm fuzzies.

"He could be a very tiny assassin! I read about it once!"
or something like that, I should have written it down as soon as it happened!
and I cannot forget that dream I had, with the kittens that went BLARGH instead of those cute little mews, aaaahhhhhhahahahahaha I was so confused in the dream but now it just makes me laugh!)

and on that note I will leave you with toe socks in love.

wow this is a really quality way to start the new year, first post and all that jazz, I think I am actually going to try to change things this year, like work on who I want to be and what the heck I'm doing with my life, so I may or may not discuss that when I'm not feeling so discombobulated. Haha, jokes on you, I'm like that almost all the time.


Angel of Silence said...

Haha nice I'm not really suprised it was so much fun, I haven't hung out with Meg yet but I've had almost 10 years to know for sure that Sab can make things fun, even if he's an asshole XP

Sabrael D. Carroll said...

First of all... what the other guy said.

Second of all. Yes, it was awesome!