Sunday, May 27, 2007

Brain Shock...

I realize, now, that I don't have to put the date in the Title box because it's already right there above the title.
Yes, I am a genius.

So, this is good. So far- three people re-contacted. Hope, Shravas, and DJ.
Now I just need to start talking to Sami, Ashley, Chelsea, Tito, Andrew, Cody, Zach, Aaren, Chelsea, Emily, Jade... I think you get the point.

Wish me luck!

Other than that, you can also wish me luck on my health regimen.
I have a fast metabolism, and that's the only reason that I'm not obese.
Not the only only reason... since I'm a vegetarian and there is a complete absence of junky foods in my house...

But anyways.

I'm going to start eating even more right, and at least doing 10 crunches a day.

Yes, 10 crunches. I'm a wimp, what can I say?

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