Friday, May 25, 2007

May 25, 2007

Is it just me, or are girly magazines just really hypocritical?
I mean, I'm not bashing them or anything, but...

We feel really sorry for the suffering of other people! Now let's spend over $100 on material items that we don't need because ladies, everyone knows that if a guy doesn't like you for who you are on the inside, then the relationship isn't worth it. But if you break up with him and he's hot, just call us. Cuz we're fashion experts. Oh, and you're beautiful just the way you are, but here are some diet and excercise tips, as well as models who would probably float away if their shoes weren't so big. This guy looks hot, and that girl's dress is hideous. We won't say that to their faces, of course, but while we're at it, why don't we bash everyone else's personal style? By the way- horoscopes! Even though God created you so that you could make your own decisions and not depend on some stupid "astronomer"'s opinion.

Okay, I'm done.

I have an urge to create something, but I'm in an artistic rut at the moment. I'm thirsting for photography, but of course I don't have a camera. Boo, being poor.

On a lighter note- Dad got a new job. It pays more than Kinko's and has stable hours. Plus, it's practically his dream job! He's going to be in some sort of cartooning company. It's a small business, so he's afraid of doing it, but that's okay.

and Mom's just depressed. nothing new.

I miss Mount Vernon. Everyone in Reynoldsburg is still in school, and there's nothing to do but clean during the day.

So, still counting down until June 8th.

Letters can only make me so happy before the doubt starts to set in.

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