Sunday, July 10, 2011

AHA (but not really.)

So I had a conversation with my friend Amy quite some time ago about soulmates. I told her that I didn't believe in them, and she explained that she did. It made me feel a bit jaded, to be honest, but...
Recently I had a similar conversation with DJ, and it got me thinking again.

I believe in soulfriends. That's what I call them, at least. It's like I'll look at someone and just know that we could be friends, like they're kindred spirits or something. There's really no good way to explain how I can tell... It's like, if I was one of those people who could see auras, they'd be glowing. And then added onto that, there's this faint buzzing around them like we're both tuning forks on the same frequency. That's actually a good one- tuning forks! Same wavelength! Some people haven't experienced this, but it happens often enough to me. "Often enough" meaning that all of my close friends are soulfriends, and the rest of my friends are potential soulfriends.

The point of that was to say-
If I believe in soulfriends, what's the big jump to soulmates?
And that's when I started to think this:

Mostly what I dislike about the whole "soulmate" idea is that there's only ONE person out there made just for you. Which is horrible, really, because there's always room for doubt. Yeah, you love this person, but what if your true soulmate is still out there? You know? It just doesn't make sense to me. So that's where they connect. A soulmate is just a step above a soulfriend, in my book. Or they're a different category of soulfriend. Whatever.

Of course, this is still a theory, but you get it, right?
Ugh, I don't know.


I need to get in shape.
Also, I need another job. And I need to get my license, apply for culinary school, pack for Pennsic, clean the house...
In short, I need to get off my butt and start being a responsible adult again.

I love this picture.


alia said...

i agree with you about soulfriends and soulmates. i think it's possible to have multiple soulmates. i mean, the world is so enormous, how could you not?
and sorry for the hang out fail. even though i've been home for months, i struggle with seeing or talking to everyone. i feel embarrassed, like a failure... these may be excuses, but i'm still sorry. i DO need to be more active or purposeful, but something's been holding me back. (i wonder if i'm going to have to apologize to friends and family forever.)

Angel of Silence said...

Soulfriends are for life, I know this as well, I have a few friends i wouldnt trade for anything in the world. And in all honesty, I dont like teh concept of soulmates because I dont want there to be just one person for me, I want to be happy with everyone in my life, you know?? I dunno im confusing myself, its kinda late... oh well XD