Monday, October 3, 2011

Disenchanted (skip if you don't like politics?)

It's so difficult to even form sentences and paragraphs into a coherent manner.
I'm sick of listening to my parents' ignorance. When you rely on your news from one source, how biased do you think your information is going to be? Just the simple way that a sentence is put together, switching words around, etc., can achieve a unique effect.
The other day we were all peacefully sitting in the living room, reading our own things and listening to our own music, when my father laughs and says, "Listen to this!" and proceeds to say something about the stupid hippies getting arrested. I don't remember his exact words, but it was something along those lines. I stopped. Surely he couldn't be talking about the Occupy Wall Street movement, I thought. I asked him to be sure, and he said that he did, in fact, mean just that. He then went on in such a manner, paraphrasing from the article that he was reading from. "NO. STOP," was all I could think to say, in one of my rare moments of brilliant word-planning.
We then proceeded to have an argument, during which he made it very clear that he had no idea what he was talking about. I'm not saying that I know everything there is to know about Occupy Wall Street, but I knew a sight more than he did. I walked away after I began to resort to screaming, waited until I thought he had forgotten about it, and came back to my book. He tried to bring it up again, I tried to ignore him, he kept going, I started yelling again, and then I walked away again.
I could hear him watching the video that shows the female protestors getting penned up and pepper sprayed. At the end he was silent for a moment before saying, "Well they obviously deserved it."

I just can't look at him without being consumed with frustration at this point.
He hasn't brought it up since then, which I'm grateful for, but at the same time I have no idea if he's actually given any real thought to what's happening here. It's important to me that my family, at least, has some idea about what's going on here. Normally I'm not very interested in politics or anything to do with them, but I care about this.
I also have no idea how to channel this sudden burst of caring about what's going on.


I don't even know.

a personal account from one of the protestors
Occupy Wall St website
CNN article
MetroFocus articles
ABC article
The Atlantic article (this one has some good pictures)
The articles that I read on the Fox site are confusing to me, but you can look at them if you'd like. One of them was more concerned about "left" or "right", which is stupid, and a few of them were just assuming things without much of a basis at all.

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