Wednesday, October 5, 2011

(new mantra)

Okay, so I have this thing where I get songs stuck in my head. That's normal. But without fail, the songs somehow reflect what's going on- how I'm feeling, what I'm thinking, the situation that I'm in, etc. I don't even realize what I'm thinking/ feeling until the song pops into my head, sometimes. It's uncanny, and I feel as if my subconscious has started to communicate via music and lyrics.
Which is funny now that I think about the dream I had a month or so ago, where I was singing "Dancing Queen". Hahaha!
But that's slightly different.


I really love this song, and it's been stuck in my head since I heard it the other day.

Also, I feel a little guilty? because I haven't uploaded any sketches for a while, and I really want to do it just for myself but my sketchbook got left behind in GA/TN and our scanner isn't working so I am left with a small collection of old things I never posted.

This sketch, as you may be able to see, is dated from the 1st of April. I was yearning for winter and snow after months of Southwest living, but... Yeah. I settled for a cute doodle.

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Angel of Silence said...

First off, the song is catchy XD I liked it. and second, more than anything in response to the last post, more than anything its a generational gap that seperates our shall we say, political and moral leanings to that of our elders, who were born in a simpler time, so to speak. And yea, CNN, and Fox are both very biased when it comes to left/right wing politics, and unfortunately its difficult to find any sort of news site or news cast that isnt biased that way, trust me ive been looking XD