Tuesday, December 6, 2011

and so on and so forth.

This song will just randomly pop into my head sometimes, and at one point I was listening to it & drawing at the same time & this is what came out! I'm not sure if it's totally obvious, but that's supposed to be a yoke around his neck? Memory is an interesting thing, and it pretty much failed in that case. Haha!

Also, my brother directed my attention towards another band; their music is very chill & lounge-sounding, and I am quite fond of them so far. This is one of my favorites so far-

also this one!

Alright I'll stop there, but yay more music! I'll have to post more next time because I have a renewed love for Noah & the Whale. Their song, "The Love of an Orchestra" is just one of my favorite songs ever, at the moment. Probably forever! I just wish it were longer, because it's so beautiful. Anyways!


I am possibly getting another job...? I'm not sure if I want it, honestly, for a myriad of reasons. One, I'd be a homecare worker, helping an elderly patient around the house. That's not a big thing, I guess, but... it just makes me feel bad! I worked at an old folks' home for about a week of work-study in high school before doing everything I could to switch jobs into something else. Working with old people just feels like drowning! Maybe it would be different if I was working one-on-one, in the person's house, but still... Eeeh. Beyond that, there's the whole problem of how I'm going to get there. At the moment my family only has two cars, and between four of us having six jobs already... we're scrabbling just to make it work now! How would it work if I got a third job and needed rides? Would I have to start taking the bus? But bus routes are stupid and only available certain times of day and 99% of the time, it's the wrong time! Thirdly, I can't imagine that I'd have much energy after all this. The hours are 2 pm-10 pm, so I'd also have to adjust my current work schedule, since none of the places I work at have shifts that line up together.

The only pro in this case would be that I'm getting paid above $10/hour, getting in about 16 hours a week.
Part of me is saying, "No no no!"
and then my brain is sitting there saying, "If you go into it with that attitude, of course you won't enjoy it! Stop being silly, think of how much you'd be getting paid! You'd be able to save up to see all your friends much faster!"

So I guess that a part of me has already decided that I'm going to take the job...
Well that's easier now.
I just have to grin and bear it, and the day when I can get on that plane will come even sooner!

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