Monday, December 5, 2011

huh. well. wow?

This is an interesting thing.

Here's my result-

and here's the second try that I did with my brother and I sort of discussing the answers?-

Haha! It's funny because I enjoy taking personality tests and things along those lines, because they're... so interesting! I'm not very good at figuring things out for myself, so it's fun to do things like this and then think about them, "Is this true? How true is it? How false?"
You know? It's like I'm teaching myself by playing hot & cold with tests! Yay or nay?

(PS I said there would be sketches and there are sketches TADA here's the first)

I don't know if you can read my handwriting in the bottom right, but... Yeah! What's it called? Water shape dynamics for speed? UUUGH, I know there's a word for it!

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