Friday, December 2, 2011


(music starts about 14 seconds in)

I just...really love them now.
There are a myriad of soft spots in my heart for various things. Musically, I think some of my major soft spots are female vocalists, harmony, and lyrics that sound cool/ inspiring (in a way that makes me want to draw things).
No female singers here, but they've got the other two.

(also wow, that's a really hard word to say. Balulalow. BUH. LOO. LUH. LAO. There, got it.

(be quiet I am in a music phase this is perfectly acceptable you'll get sketches soon shhhhhh)

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alia said...

i've been forgetting to comment on your posts too. the s'mores and apple pie cookies recipes look soooo good, i want to try making them.
and i love the harmony too. where did you hear about them??