Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Across the Universe and Juno

Both were amazing and I want the soundtracks.
For some reason there are two extended versions of the Across the Universe ost. The only difference is two songs & availability, but one of the songs they cut was that "She's so Heavy" one and that was one of my favorites so bummer. Why couldn't they have taken out "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"? I mean, that comes in at the very end and it really kinda has no real story behind it. Whereas I want you/ She's so heavy does, plus it's awesome.

And Juno was hilarious. "THUNDERCATS ARE GO!"
I had already heard Kimya Dawson and a few of the other artists that were on the CD, so it was pretty awesome hearing more of their music. I'm a hundred and something on the waiting list in the library, so I'm thinking about just buying it and saving the trouble and skipped songs.

In other news, I--

went to Boston, got a letter from Mark after getting over him & kinda regressed but I'm better now, talked to Meg (finally), and a bunch of other stuff.

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