Thursday, May 29, 2008


School's been out for quite some time now, actually. I've just been chilling at Amy's for the past few days. Mostly for the Harvest Moon 64, but I also enjoy not being in my house. Oh, and Amy's pretty awesome too.


Graduation weekend for boring, tedious, and super long. They even sang "Graduation" by Vitamin C. How cheesy is that? But I digress. I roomed with Kristy, and Katie Roddy & Jess were across the hall. We basically had a super time whenever we weren't working or practicing. There was this class get together night thing, and we watched The Goonies up at the ampitheatre and made smores. I discovered I have a special talent for making perfectly toasted marshmallows (after one practice run). We also discovered that Mrs Castillo is even more awesome than we previously thought possible.

I'm going to miss 08...

Ok, maybe not. I'm going to miss a few of the people that graduated in 08.

In even other news...

Mark's graduation party is this coming Sunday. I was freaking out about it at first, but Meg set my mind at ease. I didn't know what to wear, really. I know that sounds super typical girl ish, but I think I have a right since I'm super not typical girl most of the time. I mean, I don't like him, but I don't want to go looking like a bum. If I dress up too nice though, any of the girls at his school that actually like him (or his girlfriend if he has one) might feel threatened by me (since I'm so darned sexy). Add that on to the fact that I suck at dressing myself, and... Voila. Instant freak out session.
PLUS Aisha grabbed his senior picture from the invitation and teased me with it.
She never gave it back...

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