Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm so weird...

I hate this whole coming of age thing. I mean, I've been "coming of age" since...
Since whenever.

It kind of sucks being weird.

But at the same time, it's cool to look back and see myself grow.

Like, "Hey, one month ago I couldn't stand that girl. I realize now that just because she has a different life doesn't mean I have to hate her."

Having money happens to people to work hard... and a bunch of other people, but working hard helps. Not to say that people who are poor don't work hard... In fact, they're kind of working harder...

Oh, screw it. I'm getting bitter again.

That I'm trying to get over my petty flaws and move on.
Trying to get over Mark, and Greed, and Jealousy, ee-tea-sea (that would be etc).

Besides, I have gifts too.
Some gifts are just more profitable...

So, did anyone else know that Cedar Point has a Gay Day?
I kinda thought gay people just, like, collected there or something.
Or maybe our trip just happened to coincide with a purely coincidental rush of flamers...

I still have no life.

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