Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Angry at the Fashion World Again

I think the only real reason I try to read fashion mags anymore is for things to clip out to put in my Inspiration Book and the little perfume samples. Seriously. Gotta love [some of] those perfumes.

So, anywho.

Today was the last SA event of the year, which entails electing next year's SA people & announcing which class won the competition. We (the juniors) were worried the entire day, because the seniors were really close behind us in points and we were doing reall badly. So the results came back, and the winner for the day (not year) were the seniors (we were third). So I was like, oh, we're not going to win if they were first. But then Mr B was calling out the end of year results, and he was like, "Third place, Ssssssss... SENIORS!" Which totally shocked everyone cuz we thought it was going to be 4) freshman, 3) sophomores, 2) juniors, and 1)seniors. Then we all held our breath, and when he announced that Sophomores were in second our class went CRAZY.
Seriously, we never won anything in the past two years. Like, I actually think we've been in last place for the past two years. So this was pretty awesome.

Then I tried to give Jessica a high five, but she gave me a high face. I wish I hadn't invented those, because now I have whiplash or something.

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