Friday, September 4, 2009

If the foo shits...

... I don't even know how that would end.


So, had a cool time in Georgia with Sami & Lance. We stopped off at Southern first, so we got to see Meg & Katie & Jessica & Amanda & I can't remember if I'm forgetting anyone. Anywho, we went out for Mexican & Meg, Lance, Sami & I took a walk to the Goliath Wall, which I have pictures of that will come later. Anywho. When a female friend of Lance's showed up, us three ladies vacated the scene. On the way back, I was nearly ambushed by a starving stray kitten, meowing at me and looking adorable and pitiful and in need of loving. So of course I picked it up & took it back to campus to find a home for it or a shelter, except the shelters were closed and everybody we asked (we asked a BUNCH of people) knew what to do. So a few long HOURS later, we're just chilling on the porch of the girls dorm (after a failed atempt to take the kitten back to the park & leave it- it follwed me) some girl walks by & we're still halfheartedly trying to get rid of the3 kitten so she's like, "OMG PRINCESS!! Iknowwho'scatthisisthankssomuchkthanksbye!" AND THERE WAS MUCH REJOICING ("yaaaaay'"). We stayed the night at Lance's cousin's house, so I got to see Evan (slash David) again as well, but Andrea (slash Annie?) was away at school. On the bright side of her being gone, we got to sleep in her bed and IT IS HEAVEN IN THE FORM OF A MEMORY FOAM PAD. I left a piece of my soul sleeping in that bed. Anywho. So then we drove the rest of the way to Georgia. Sami, in her infinite wisdom, wanted to get everything that we needed to get done out of the way, so we drove to Fort Benning to get things done. Getting the visitor pass thing was easy, so then we were like, "Let's check this place out so that we know where we're going tomorrow." It turned out to be a good/ bad idea. We were lost in that place for AGES, a serisouly long time. Eventually (after almost knowing the place like the back of my our hands) we figured it out, so that we REALLY knew where we were supposed to go. In fact, we knew EXACTLY where EVERYTHING was supposed to go. We just didn't know exactly when. Anyways. Yadda Yadda, met Connor (Sami's fiance) there was lots of crying, the military is weird, et cetera.
Now I'm home, and I have a massive headache, and I'm going to bed.

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