Sunday, September 27, 2009

Watch this!

Ok, personally, I'm a very visual person. I've heard that it's part of being dyslexic & ADD, that it's easier for me to understand and idea if it's anchored to a something concrete.

And this just floats my boat.

It's basically this person taking classical music & putting the notes & stuff into a visual format, so that you can see the play of the scale in little colored rectangles. I don't know, just watch it.

This person has more songs on their channel, but this is the first one that I stumbled across & also one of my favorite songs.


FINALLY got this CD from the library. I'd been in the hundreds on the reserve list forever, I didn't think I was going to get it at all.

♥ LOVE IT. ♥
My favorites on the album (besides "Daylight") are: "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare," "Lessons Learned," "Don't Slow Down," and "I'll Take Us Home."

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alia said...

omg. you need to stop reading my mind... like seriously. lol
i happened to get Grand from the library the other day too, i too had been waiting and waiting. i LOVE good ol' fashion nightmare, and i had listened to lessons learned a lot before but something about playing it in the car while driving in the rain has made it sooo so much better =)
oh and i've always thought i was strange for those oil painting window rain shots. i'm glad someone else has noticed/thinks the same way.
and this video is awesome. like really awesome.