Monday, September 12, 2011

(bird, and also pre-bus anxiety)

So the only thing I really like about this is the background, because I feel a little clever about it. I had some lightning brushes from a while back, and I set it so that the eraser was lightning and put it on low opacity & just clicked away. I was trying to re-create a sketch from my sketch-journal-book-thing, but... Yeah.

Anyways! Job interview tomorrow. I'm going to take the bus there, and it's going to be my first time ever riding the bus. Which of course makes me feel scared, which then makes me feel like a pansy because I know that people ride the bus all the time but STILL. What if I miss my stop? What if I don't have the right amount of money for fare and get stranded? What if I'm too late for a bus stop and get stranded? Basically I'm worried about getting stranded and lost and all the other horrible things that could happen. AAAHHHH I should probably go plan this out step by step.

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Angel of Silence said...

Its not that bad Gen, trust me, Ive grown to LOVE public transportation, mainly because if Im right they give you warning that your stop will be coming up so you can get ready to board off and such, and if you miss your bus, its not the end of the world, just wait 15 to 20 mins and viola, another bus appears XD and this coming from a guy whose been bus stranded MANY times lol