Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So here's the story. Lance's sister goes to a college in TN, where a few of my friends happen to go, so I asked if I could hitch along and it was a go go go. This was like, a month in advance, which NEVER happens and I could hardly contain myself. That probably explains why I can't plan ahead very well. Anyways. THEN Lance's car starts having problems. Kinda iffy there for a second, but his uncle offers assistance so we're good. Then the money that his uncle was going to lend is spent on his uncle being in the hospital. Last I heard he has diabetes, they're doing more tests to figure out what went down with the TIAs and it was all very stressful and tragic and unforeseeable. Also, lack of money meant we weren't going. This happened the day before we were supposed to leave.
Then Sami, a friend of ours, offered to pay half the trip money and I extended the offer to Lance and we hammered it all out within half an hour. We were a day behind schedule, but business was going as planned.
We left at an ungodly hour of morning, and had adventures as soon as we landed. Actually, they were very chill adventures. Hiking in the forest, sharing the joy of froyo, sleeping, and just hanging out.

Life is good, and I'm back home feeling like it was worth every moment of wondering how much longer I could keep my eyes open.
I shouldn't be awake right now, but...

Why have I never heard this before?


That's all.

PS to Nutmeg-
I'm no longer afraid of riding the bus, and Allison has a job, and those thoughts ARE CONNECTED FIGURE IT OUT SOON I WILL BE COMING SSSOOOOOOO-OOOONNNNN
(that just looks like a really long "son" but it's actually "soon" you knew that goodnight)
(also by soon I meant not soon at all, but much sooner than it would have been which would have been unknowable because life is rough)

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