Monday, September 12, 2011

(quick update!)

Jhio, you were right! It was easy, and simple, and really I was just worried about nothing. It's like riding the bus to school when you're a kid, except not. Also I think the COTA buses are nicer. And it was actually kinda fun, because I'm a people watcher and I heard some really funny stories and saw some adorable little kids, which brightened my day.

The interview, on the other hand...
Well I mean, the interview itself went well. I have previous experience working in a food environment, and the only thing I'd really need trained on would be the coffee machines.
It's just...
They would be hiring me to work third shift, from 10 pm to 6 am. I would be alone in the shop, presumably without a security guard or whatever like they have in hospitals and some hotels. Not only that, but the Short North has a high crime rate already, then add in the amount of bars & clubs in the area... Then there are a couple of churches nearby that hand out free meals to the homeless, which is great, but it means that there's a higher concentration near the store.
So yeah, that's a little scary.

At the same time, why would they even consider allowing a pretty female to work alone at night if they weren't at least mostly sure that she'd be alright? How worried should I be, exactly?

Now I'm just tired, and I have to get up relatively early tomorrow.


alia said...

yay, where are you working? hopefully it works out well and you're not murdered or anything :\

Angel of Silence said...

Im absolutely sure that youll be fine Gen XD this also coming from a guy whose been left in charge of a store in the middle of a crime wave, which resulted in my almost being robbed at gunpoint a couple times LMAO and im fine see?? XD theyll be less inclined to rob if as you say, a pretty female is in there XP

Sabrael D. Carroll said...

You'll be fine Gen. Worse comes to arose, if anything ever happens, just give them what they want. Go Gen go! I'm proud of you!