Friday, November 25, 2011


I'm about to go to bed, I just forgot to mention that Michael was part of a production of Hamlet put on by an acting troupe called Pan Pan (I think?) and they are from Ireland and they have accents and they are gorgeous. Except it was artsy & strange & avant-garde? I won't try to explain it, because it was all amazing and slightly mind-blowing, but there was this part where the people ask one of the actors to show off his sword-fighting skills, and he was like, "Yeah, sure!" and he & this other actor go get their swords & put on sound-muffling head things. You know, that they wear at shooting ranges? We were all a bit confused, but then they started fighting and his opponent was going crazy flailing around (very funny) and then this guy pulls a gun from behind his back and shoots him. Like, I saw him pick up the gun and thought, "This is a very small space. I bet that it's a water gun or something, and they'll have some sort of sound effect that will be played. I wonder what the sound effect will be?" and then he shoots the gun and I jump a foot in the air because it was an actual gun loaded with blanks and there were cartridge things and everything and it was DEAFENING because like I said, very small space that we were in, and then he stepped forward & shot twice more and it was still really loud and everyone in the audience was just sitting like "WHAT? WHAT? WHAT JUST HAPPENED? WHAT?"


It was an awesome play.

In other news, I'm still really tired and there are a lot of things on my mind and my dreams are going to be SO WEIRD TONIGHT, let me tell you. If I can remember them, that it. I'm going to sleep all day tomorrow. Yes, good plan.


if I don't already have your address, give it to me because I am going to find everyone's addresses and start sending letters again because it is something that I miss.

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