Monday, November 7, 2011

hahaaaa... ha.

I just really thought about it, and one of the things I miss most about working in Arizona is... Ethan! My boss/friend's baby! Oh gosh, he is just the cutest thing. I would spend time in the office even when I wasn't working, so that I could play with him. Making him laugh was a favorite pastime of mine. It was just so uplifting!
When I first arrived in August, he was about a month old. I remember when he started being able to focus on things, and following people with his eyes, and reacting to things! The first time I heard him laugh, I remembered that line that faeries were made from a baby's laugh. Something like that, right? Well, it was just like that.
And when she brought him to Ohio for his birthday, to see his grandparents, he recognized me! I was sitting a few pews behind them, and I waved to him, and he smiled! So adorable. Oh, I miss him so much! I miss his mother too, of course. She was my only friend there, which is partially due to my crippling social anxiety when it comes to things like that, but still.

I just had to get that out of my system.
Gosh, babies are cute.

Oh, also! Good news!


I had a dream that she had a gorgeous baby girl, and she was so adorable that the faeries came and left a changeling boy in her place. Everyone thought it was a miracle of science, but I knew better! I woke up thinking of every old wives' tale to prevent faeries from stealing babies. The sad part of that is that I know quite a few. What can I say, my family really likes folklore...

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