Friday, November 18, 2011

happy birthday Michael

Turns out the froyo place is only going to be able to give me two days a week, and my boss lady is kinda... Well. I've only worked with her twice, but I don't know. She doesn't seem like someone I could be friendly with? If that makes sense. I don't want to say anything bad about her because I don't know her very well, but she said a few things that just made me question her thought processes.


My younger sister has a job again, and we're pretty sure that she won't get fired from this one because they're paying around $9 an hour and that's a lot, considering that she'll be working 40 hours a week (four 10 hour shifts) (all of those hours... folding clothes) (except breaks).

This was also supposed to be a post about feelings, but I think I'll just avoid that entirely because I haven't really decided how I want to go about all this. This stuff.

So I left my sketchbook in Tennessee last month? Two months ago? It seems like forever, because I haven't had my sketchbook and I swear that thing is like a horcrux, it is a piece of my soul.
And I finally got it back the other day!
Like really, I'm getting warm fuzzies just thinking of it.
I love my sketchbooks.

I made chess pie today from this recipe, which is actually not good because I am kinda stupid sometimes when it comes to baking and this recipe only gave me the ingredients, oven temp, and amount of time it takes to bake! I mean, okay, those are all important things that I'd love to know, but I failed at getting the crust in the pan, I'm thinking I probably needed to chill it? Anyways. It still turned out pretty good, not as moist as I thought it'd be so I'll do something different with it next time, but still pretty tasty.

Next time I bake I'm going to try smores cookies and/ or apple pie cookies.

Okay, that's all, I'll talk about music and my sketchbook some more next time. Maybe. I don't know, whatever, I really need to sleep.

PS I love my little brother.

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