Saturday, May 12, 2012

Grape Juice City is a great song, too.


I donated blood today! Usually I feel nauseous or at least a little dizzy, but today I felt fantastic! Until I had to go run a bunch of errands with my father, which is when I started to feel so incredibly tired that I was fighting sleep while trying to pick out conditioner! I took a nap & felt better, and there's really no point to this story except
I always feel super-awesome afterwards because I have O neg and I know at least one of my friends is also O neg so if either of us is ever in an accident I sincerely hope that our hard work will come in handy! Not that I ever want to be in an accident, nor would I ever wish that on anyone I know, but still. O neg is the universal donor, but we can only receive O neg blood.
Enough about blood.

The thing I'm most proud of here is that I chose the colors myself...? Usually I pick out a color palette that's already been made, so I feel accomplished in this one small step.

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alia said...

i thought i already commented? oh well. i love ratatat <3 and i've wanted to donate blood, but i'm scared. i keep thinking something will mess up and i'll have blood squirting out of my arm. lol sorry for the image