Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Frustrated & flattered

and vice versa.

SO here's the deal-
Starting around the middle or end of first semester, people have been trying to set me up with either of the single men on campus. At first it was just my bosses joking around. I thought, "They're being funny, just laugh along and it will pass."
Then it was the dorm girls joking around. "Maybe if I change the subject," I thought, "they'll get distracted."
And then a few of the boys began joking around, and I thought, "This is getting kind of old now."
AND THEN one of the freshman girls comes into my office and tries to lecture me about my future married life.
At that point, I stopped thinking and instead started brewing, letting the righteous frustration build up inside. How dare they! Just because I'm single, I need a man? These people know nothing about me, how could they possibly assume that I would appreciate their relationship advice?
And so forth.

The other day, I gave a small hint of these thoughts to DK, who immediately managed to pull the rug out from under all of my frustration.
"You don't see anyone trying to set the math teacher up with anyone. She's single, plus she's been here longer than you have."
She continued to explain that all of this effort put into match-making was just everyone's underhanded (and possibly unknowing) way of saying, "Please stay here. We like you enough that we want a guarantee of you not leaving."
Which, I admit, made me feel slightly warm and fuzzy for a while.

And yet...
It's very sweet of them to want me to stay, but I'm not sure that's what I want to do. I love it here, but do I love it enough to make it my home? How could I possibly know, when I have so much left to explore? Not to mention the absence of seasons, and my inability to deal with high temperatures; I'd be incapacitated for about half the year.
There's quite a bit to consider.


What the heck!
I wish so badly that there was something we could do to help the protesters in Africa (I'm thinking Libya, but there are probably plenty of others who need it). I need to do some searching and see if there are any independent groups doing anything, because I'm sure that the government isn't going to make any moves. I can somewhat understand why, but I still want to help.


Full Metal... said...

Lol! Good luck Gene. As Grandmother Willow would say, "Listen with your heart."

I'm 100% that in about 65 years you'll be dying with some old, grumpy man holding your hand after a long life of fights and raising Cain, but all bad things aside, what a journey it shall be ;-). I can't wait til it starts for you. Take your time.

Full Metal... said...

Oh, and I'm guessing your phone is dead. *shakin my head shakin my hed*

Angel of Silence said...

LOL, umm, that first bit of people thinking you need someone to be happy... it hits really close to home for me XD. My best friend, and for that matter other friends, have been trying for YEARS to set me up with random friends of theirs and saying that I need someone to be happy. Well, I finnaly gave in and allowed myself to be set up, which is qorking quite nicely if I do say so myself lol. The basic point of what Im trying to say regardless is this; Nosy people can get annoying XD

GeneviƩve Cuva said...

Thanks, both of you. :)

Although DJ, I think the Grandmother Willow advice was more hilarious than helpful.
Still, I appreciate it.
ALSO, yes. I sent it through the wash. Extra rinse. It's gone forever.

And thanks for commiserating, Jhio! Glad I'm not the only one who's suffered from well-meaning friends. XD