Monday, February 28, 2011


That is, if you're someone who has noticed that I haven't commented on your blog recently...
It is because I am SUDDENLY UNABLE TO because of the STUPID BLOCKS on the school computers.
Hopefully I will find time to borrow a student's laptop sometime this week, because I can see that you guys have new posts (Alia, Soogie, Nutmeg, etc.) and it really bums me out that I can't read them. I can't even see comments now, so we're back to how it was when I first got here.
Add that onto the list of people I would talk to if I had a working cell phone again, and I'm feeling very cut off from the outside world.
Gmail, anyone?


Soogie said...

OH NO!!! hahahhaa~ but i gotcha~ yer yer yer!!!

oh, and my last post was to say that i've been converted into wordpress-dom, so follow me there instead...

i'm going to be deleting myabiiya later this week..

i'll facebook you my wordpress blog because publishing on "comment" is kinda sketch.. >.<;;;


Angel of Silence said...

awwww that sucks XD Well Megs lates entry has gotten no comments either way XD so dont feel too bad LOL