Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To my friends...

Last Thursday, Dean Kristy left for Michigan with her husband & baby to see grandparents, parents, old friends and old places. That left me to hold down the fort until Monday. This task, in istelf, was actually easier than it sounds. I enjoy being busy, so cleaning and subbing classes and helping girls wasn't really a huge chore for me. Granted I was physically and mentally exhausted at the end of each day (sometimes in the middle of the day), but sleep is much more rewarding when I've earned it.
The hardest part of anything that I've been doing here has been surviving without friends nearby.
Now that isn't to say that I don't have any friends, or that we never talk and I feel neglected or something along those lines. I love my friends dearly, and I know they love me; and some days just the thought of them existing in their own seperate parts of the world, and the recalling of our good times together, is enough to get me through whatever it is that I'm dealing with.
But in the long run, I'm the sort of person who depends on the physical reassurance of closeness. That tends to puts a damper on things.

So this post is going to be dedicated to my friends everywhere, whom I miss dearly. I won't write too much, because I've already written a small novel, so I have to warn any friends reading this that these snippets will by no means cover the extent of how much I love you. Alphabetical order, anyone?

Alia, NY- I wish I hadn’t taken so long to hang out with you over Winter break, so that we could’ve done more than just have breakfast at Bob Evan’s (it was delicious anyways, but still). Our downtown adventures are the best! Thanks for inspiring me with your talent.

Allen, Dayton (OH)- You always make me laugh, without fail. I apologize for my failure to keep in contact with you, and to be there when you needed me. Thank you for driving from Dayton and back to hang out with me- it really meant a lot.

Amy, Columbus (OH)- Hopefully you didn’t get tired of me over that last break, because I really appreciate you putting up with me. We’ve been friends for so long, being around you is like second nature. Thank you for always being on the same page.

DJ, AL- It still makes me feel special that I’m one of the few people that still call you that! You have been a huge pillar of strength for me his year- you’ve forced me to keep in touch, and I really rely on that. Thank you for all those long conversations.

Kristy, WV- Ours has been a stubborn friendship, and I’m glad that you were so persistent in being my friend (even though I may not have appreciated it at the time). You taught me so many things. Thank you for persevering and pushing me forward.

Lance, WA- Your near-constant cheerfulness has always kept me in awe- it takes true strength to do that. I love when you complain to me, or anything like that. It makes me feel privileged. Thanks for trusting me, and for showing me how to be kind.

Meg, MO- Nerd buddy! Words can’t express how much I loved being your roommate, even if you sometimes regretted being mine. You’ve been a constant source of motivation, and I will always be (one of) your top fans. Thank you for putting up with me.

Ricky, ID- One of the things I will always treasure in my heart are those quiet moments when you would play piano and I would just sit in the sun and listen. I will always be amazed by your talent and humor. Thanks for those moments and for commiserating.

Sami, Mt Vernon (OH)- My fellow Italian! You are one of the strongest women I know, and I stand in wonder of your determination to keep on keeping on, despite any circumstances. Thank you for beating me into a stronger person, and for feeding me.

I obviously didn't get every single one of my friends.
Thanks to everyone, and I will always love you.


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