Monday, February 14, 2011

Singles Awareness Day?

I give up.
Why rant and rave, or even just mumble under my breath, about the evils of Valentines Day?
I mean, a good portion of my friends are in the same boat of single that I am, so it's not like we're actually "alone". Plus, why would I want to ruin a day where those of my friends who are in a happy relationship have an excuse to celebrate having one another?
It would be bitter and selfish.

So I'll just eat all of these strawberry cupcakes by myself.



Angel of Silence said...

Oh hi Ms Genevieve, I noticed the link to your blog from Sabrael and Meagans blog lol. And as for the Single Awareness day, as a fellow single person, I would prefer to celebrate my friendships, for isnt today the day for love and Friendship??? I dunno, i ramble XD

Sabrael D. Carroll said...

^^^ Your Welcome for the new, albeit unorthodox, reader. And your right, Valentine's Day isn't really my favorite day, for multiple reasons. I will admit, everyone forgets the original reason for this day: St. Valentine secretly married Romans and was considered a criminal. So they cut his still beating heart from his chest for it, and he is remembered as a fighter for forbidden marriages. So Happy World's First Failed Open Heart Surgery Day!!!

Soogie said...