Wednesday, February 9, 2011

warm-fuzzies and warnings

First off,
If this post was a letter then I'd wear it out with wonder and disbelief and happy feelings.

I've just gotten over the stomach flu, and I will spare you the gritty details but it was NOT a pleasant experience at all. Along with that, I'm going to be working almost non-stop for another week, so you won't be reading much of anything on any of my sites. Not that I have a regular posting schedule anyways (maybe I should...?) but this time I have legitimate reasons. Three cheers for legitimate reasons!

If you know what Academy Days is, then wish me luck. Starting Thursday, we shall be entering the thick of battle and I will wield my dean-ness with all the might of a mighty person. The first thing that came to mind was Braveheart, actually, but that's an unrealistic comparison. I would never moon the enemy in this scenario.

I'm going to stop myself before an injury occurs.

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